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Huge quantities of food are wasted every year because they are invaded by toxic fungi or undesired fungal products, like “mycotoxins”. Mycotoxins can be produced on a wide range of agricultural commodities and under a diverse range of agronomic and ecological conditions worldwide. They have been estimated to affect a quarter of the world’s food crops, including many basic foodstuffs and animal feeds, as well as cash crops such as coffee having high economic value. Mycotoxins accumulation in foods and feeds represents a major threat to human and animal health as they are responsible for a variety of toxic effects including the induction of cancer, and digestive, blood and nerve defects.Because of the scale of the problem, a consortium of international experts in 2005 decided to found the “International Society for Mycotoxicology” in order to more effectively disseminate knowledge and skills on Toxigenic Fungi and Mycotoxins.The Society is registered as a non-profit association in accordance with the Italian law from which it derives all rights as a legal entity.

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Food Additives and Contaminants publishes original research papers and critical reviews covering analytical methodology, occurrence, persistence, safety evaluation, detoxification, regulatory control, and surveillance of natural and man-made additives and contaminants in the food and animal feed chain.


The Mycotoxicology Newsletter (MTNL) is an international forum for the discussion of mycotoxins. It is published by VICAM since 1998 with I or II issues a year and since 2006 is an affiliated journal of ISM.